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What a player yells after getting their ass bombed in the popular 80s boardgame "Battleship." This was a game with opposing players holding a fleet of ships on.

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Explore and share the best Sunk My Battleship GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. Find Funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and more. Sep 15, - Misheard or wrong Bloodhound Gang The Bad Touch song lyrics.

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According to this Facebook post making the rounds, Battle Shots is the new beer pong. We'll drink to that. May 18, - Battleship movie review: While no Candy Land, Battleship Slips and Slides into Risk with Operation Green Machine, no doubt you'll scream.

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Is there something wrong with my design? Or do battleships just really suck? I thought that x-artilleries only work against titans, battleships, and. Alright so as you can see by my stats I kinda suck. And yes, I wallet warriored/Binge Played my way into a couple of T10 ships (Des Moines and.

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I agree, my big macho battleship with big guns everywere should in no way be threatened by those lowly destroyers and cruisers with their. Mar 5, - With the discovery of the Japanese battleship Musashi, sunk in the Because "since my youth I have been fascinated with Second World War.

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I think it's a good thing that entry-level battleships suck. In game play you can see fear in my eyes if an Atlanta has me in the cross-hairs. Just had a game where my secondaries actually hit their target about 38% of the time, 61 shells hits, for a whopping damage. Of course.

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thot Memes · Okay Memes · Dank Memes Memes · battleship Memes · you Memes · miss Memes · hit Memes · You Sunk My Battleship Memes · Sunk Memes. Dec 7, - The USS Arizona was a Pennsylvania-class battleship commissioned in the United State Navy in She went through an extensive.

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Oct 9, - Ted Briggs: Last survivor of the battleship HMS 'Hood', sunk by the I found myself being lifted off my feet and dumped head-first on the deck. Apr 20, - Weapons Specialist Rihanna In "Battleship" Behind-The-Scenes Clip. 0 Shares Pardon my French, but this film is gonna suck donkeys.